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Major Service and Respray

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If you’re like many of us car people, we spend an exorbitant amount of time scanning the classifieds. By “classifieds,” I mean Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, the forums and any other internet automotive website site with deals to be had. Notice I left our BaT and for obvious reasons, seldom do you find a deal there. It’s usually more of a get-lucky-bidding than a local find.

So with that, I present a Superfly Garage flip. A low mileage, ‘85.5 944 with an non-cracked dash, no rust and straight body. The car has been given a major service with new timing belt, serviced calipers, new rotors and other odds and ends. Soon it will get a respray in the original Guards Red.

Having such a clean car to start is key to passing on a good valued classic without the headaches of maintenance. And while a respray may not be for everyone, completing our typical bare metal repaint doesn’t really payoff for either the buyer or seller in this case. The market doesn’t support that time and money invested. So what do you get instead? A gorgeous classic Porsche that can be driven with pride of ownership for less than down stroke of a 911.

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