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Upholstery Shop

Superfly Garage’s shop with JUKI machines is currently on hold. The women that ran our shop had to leave for medical reasons. We are actively looking for someone to run the shop.  Contact us.

We currently bill at $75 per hour plus materials and will be happy to quote your project. Since there are quite a few variables to a project we offer the below to help you consider repairing, replacing or restoring your interior.

  • Repairing torn seats or worn bolsters:
    • We would tear down the seats, pull apart the stitching for those affected panels, replace as needed then reassemble to seat.
    • Repair works well for leather or fabric in decent condition but keep in mind the older the material, the harder to match color or patterns. New material also tends to stand out next to faded/worn seating.
  • Restoring or recovering the entire seat:
    • Start with tear down to make pattern.
    • Variables will be fabric, vinyl or leather costs. There are many different ranges of quality in any of these that can change cost significantly.
    • Are you looking for custom stitching? Top stitch, French Seam (double stitch), patterns.
    • Also consider, does your foam need to be replaced? Is it chewed up or simply worn down?
  • Restoring interior panels, dashes or door cards:
    • The same approach as above is used here.
    • Cost variables: are you removing or installing the interior or are we?
  • Do you need carpet? We can also do interior carpet kits.