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Brake Restoration

We are experienced at rebuilding and restoring brake calipers at Superfly. It began with our own Alfa Romeo GTV and Porsche 914 rebuilds. Production includes:

  • Tear down caliper
  • Vapor hone in our VHT VH800P with glass bead (Made in the USA)
  • Zinc plate in gold or silver or paint
  • We also offer high end heat resistant painting in color of your choice
  • Zinc plate hardware in silver (we are currently looking to source black hardware as well)
  • Clean pistons. Replace as needed
  • New seals and speed bleeders
  • Final assembly

$250 plus shipping for a standard set of front or rear calipers. Core charge is $200 refunded on return of your calipers in re-buildable condition.

Please note: depending on the condition of your calipers, and more specifically pistons, we may need to buy new ones which can inch up the cost. We’ll let you know before we start work.