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Vapor Honing (Blasting)

After months of research, we bought one of the top vapor honing machines Made in the USA. Our brake restorations and transmission above are examples of quality of this machine and why it is better than dry blasting.

We offer this service at reasonable hourly rates, $75/hr. A case as pictured takes about 1-2 hours depending on how clean they are when the are dropped off. The less grease the better.

Please contact us for estimates for your restoration project.

The following write up and photos are from the manufacturer.

Wet Blasting is becoming a top priority for many automotive restoration shops. Why? With wet blasting you can clean restore and protect history with one simple step using wet blasting. With the flow based topography following nature of the wet slurry you can clean corrosion rust and years of grime and tarnish out of the tightest places in record time. No other process compares when it comes to not only cleaning but surface finishing parts for a rebuild. Dry blasting will remove precious marks and traits on engine and other components that add value to any restored car and wet blasting will simply clean over top of these marks of history. Contact us today to talk over your application and find a machine suitable for you.

  • Provides an even and satin surface finish
  • Can clean and restore most plastic and rubber parts
  • Doesn’t remove casting marks or important identifiers
  • Can prep surfaces for coatings
  • Eliminates dust in your shop
  • Low decibel operating levels makes part cleaning pleasant
  • No chemicals or disposal needed
  • Reduces abrasive consumption compared to dry blasting
  • Can tailor surface finishes between customers

VH800P FL Closed Loop

Internal Working Dims: 33″W x  30″D x  28″H

Equipment Specs:
Overall Dims: 36″W x  35″D x  5′ 8″H
High Volume Slurry Pump
Industrial Polyurethane Pump Impeller
Boron Carbide Blasting Gun Tips
15 Gallons of water for operation
25 lbs. of abrasive
20-25 CFM
120 PSI max pressure

Courtesy of VHT
Courtesy of VHT