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First of all, I had no idea how to spell juxtaposition until five minutes ago. Juxta. Dah. I thought it was jux of position. Used in phrases like: What the heck did you just do? You’ve left me in a helluva jux of position. In order to make that work, “jux” has to actually be a word. It’s not. But squish it all together, bookend it with a couple of Porsches developed almost thirty years apart, and bam you’ve got the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.

These cars both came into the shop within a week of each other. The 912, despite having a 4-cylinder, is the same in every detail to its period big brother the 911. Please don’t comment about details like the 3-gauge 912 dash that never was offered on a 911. I’m talking about everything else. When placed next to the 993, you realize how far the 901 line has come.

We marveled at the old details on the 912 like sliding fresh air vents at your feet, wood steering wheel, skinny tires and a soft window vs. the low slug, wide body ’95 coupe. The original Solex carburetors and mechanical fuel pump are light years away from the 993’s port injection 3.6 liter. And performance, whew. Performance is as performance does. Not that we get to drive them but if we did, I’m sure we would blown from a Sunday drive to the race track. We certainly appreciate our clients trust with their cars to give us a unique closeup of evolution.

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