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Funny Thing About Clean Shops

They get dirty. I’d love to tell you the floors you see now will reflect your shoes when you visit. You are going to visit, aren’t you?! But the reality is a shop floor takes the brunt of everything. Take apart the front of a 951 to do a belt and water pump service and guess what drips out? Radiator fluid. Step in it once and you are forever making a trail popcorn would be jealous of. Do we clean it up? Of course we do. Just in time to replace it with trans fluid, motor oil, PB Blaster drips and good old fashion dirty shoes on a rainy day.

The above picture is our paint booth room with fresh epoxy floors laid a week ago. You can’t imagine how good it feels to have this room almost finished. When we bought the shop in 2019, it needed a roof. Little did we know we would be faced with Swiss cheese metal. Off came the entire thing. We, and when I say “we” I mean Don, power washed this room prior to epoxy after it was already cleaned, swept, vacuumed and painted. The rafters were still hiding decades of sanding dust underneath rust-dump from the metal roof. Here’s to a clean room! I think I’ll buy a door mat.

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