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Junk Not For Yards

It’s tough to see 30 acres of cars, trucks and vans heading to the crusher especially when you relish at saving them all, or at least the good parts. But my friend Roy took me to such a place in Southern, Ohio earlier this week. I was in town to drop my daughter off at camp and we were lucky enough that my car guy friend lived 15 minutes away.

I spent the night for an early Monday morning field trip but didn’t fully appreciate what I was in for until my buddy came down in jeans, it was going to be 85 degrees and muggy. He then quipped casually “oh yeah, I’m not going through there without my big mud boots, it’s been raining for a week.” Puddles, mud and my shorts aside, the real fun was five foot tall spiky weeds blocking your path at every turn. Any ticks? Probably. Poison ivy? Likely. Red nicks and cuts irritating your legs? Yup.

I only had an hour to spend before my four hour drive home. Please enjoy some pics. The junkyard and parts business was sold for the land and everything has to be cleared, crushed and removed by August 1st. Interested in more, here is their website Cincinnati Auto Recycling, ask for Greg.

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