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Too Far Gone?

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It can feel a bit like you’re being held back by a barrier, metal fence or mental block. The desire to save everything will lead you down a path of financial undertows. The kind that drowns when you didn’t even know you were in it. Can I fix it? Sure can. How long is it going to take? Does it really matter? Is the market strong-to-quite-strong on the car? Yeah, it’ll hold for sure. It’s been doing nothing but going up. So buy that wreck and start the project of a lifetime!

Not me. I saw this one on Facebook Marketplace a month ago. I thought about it. I thought, what will the guy really take for it? $1000 maybe $2000? Do we have a great body shop? Skilled craftsmen with a welder? Are the panels all available? But just look at it. Yeah, I know it’s a ’72. The only year with the oil fill door. But does that make all the rust redeemable? Let’s just call it $10,000 in replacement panels. Not enough, how about $15,000? Then another $15,000 in labor. Now I’m into a chassis for $30,000 that still needs everything. Engine, gauges, interior, glass, yadda yadda. Thankfully the car was sold and not to me. But even though it was too far gone for my project taste, it’s not too far gone from my mind. And that’s the rub, isn’t it.

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