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Sow What?

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Well, I’ll tell you. ’77 K5 Blazer interior, that’s what. Oh oh oh, I get it. You are rhetorically asking “sow what” when you really mean “so” what? Good one. That was sarcasm by the way. I mean, I appreciate that you are putting a new interior in the Blazer. It’s a cool plaid with matchie-match stripes that tie the interior to the Grecian Bronze paint. I do like plaid inserts in many 70’s vehicles. It was the style of the era whether you were going to the club, a private school or watching Daisy Duke.

But let’s give credit where credit is due. Celtic tartans dating as far back as 8th century B.C. were wearing plaid before it started to “trend” in the 1500s. But not before it was banned by the British during the Scottish Rebellion of 1745. You see, tartan was used in the uniforms of the leading Scottish military troop, The Royal Highland Regiment, or the Black Watch. The green and dark blue patterns became strongly associated with rebellion, and after the defeat of Scottish forces, plaids were banned from Britain for a considerable amount of time.

So “Sow What”? Fashion, history, controversy, style.

And you thought you were just putting together seats in our upholstery shop.

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