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What Did We Learn at Auction?

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As I mentioned last week, an old high mileage BMW attracts a different crowd during an eBay auction vs. a Bring a Trailer auction especially for a sorted, restored 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV. The BaT crowd, for the most part, knows their stuff. Sometimes you have to wade through nonconstructive comments from people who like to hear themselves talk to get there, but nonetheless, you get hit with some knowledge. If you didn’t follow the auction, I invite you to the link above to see the $42,000 sold result. Congrats to Don for a well presented car with a solid result.

If you did follow the auction, you may recall some of the debates: what is the best year for the GTV, what does it mean when a car is unmolested, why are the wheels so small and the ride height so high. It was quite the banter. What the bidders take away from the debate is different from what we did. They will learn more about the originality of a US spec car’s ride height, the difference an aftermarket wheel can make and what “driven234” thinks the definition of molested is.

What we got out of it, was a sense that modified cars can do better on BaT. Not everybody appreciates the originality of classic car when it’s not 100% original to begin with — think paint and interior. A quick perusal of BaT results, show GTVs that broke the $50,000 barrier were extensively modified including wheel and tire packages. Thought two, if you are going to refresh the interior, consider new carpeting. It doesn’t take much to install a carpet kit and save the old one if the new owner wants it. I personally like the old carpeting in my ’72 914. It reminds me I’m driving a vintage car with a history. There is something comforting about it, like putting on an old jacket or sweatshirt. And finally, make sure you are a responsive seller. Answer all the questions as honestly and completely as you can. Bidders will always appreciate it.

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