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Rinse and Repeat

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It’s hard not to love a clean, like-new vapor honed piece. You can see all the fine detail in the metal, the stampings, the casting marks and it feels so smooth while looking great. That’s why we have an Alfa client that brings us their transmission parts prior to rebuilding. When we bought our vapor honer about a year and a half ago, it’s exactly the business we wanted to be in. But. Is there always a “but”? Not always. I mean we all have one but our only gripe is that the parts need to be as clean as possible prior to blasting.

The filth and muck that builds up in our water pump system clogs the blaster. We’ve been trying new media and even got a new pump from the manufacturer under warranty. But the reality is everything needs to be oil and gunk free to highest extent possible prior to going in the cabinet. We do our best to run items in the parts washer. However anything our clients can do prior to bringing them in would be super helpful. Then our medium will work better, last longer and you’ll get a better product while keeping our time dedicated to honing the finish.

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