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As Easy As Black & White?

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Not many people would say that a rotisserie restoration is as easy as black and white. But in some ways it is. You take stuff apart and then put it back together. Over simplify much? Maybe. I’m just sayin’ in its basic form, that’s what we are doing. The more complicated and skilled work is in the metal restoration, paint and upholstery. Oh, and in the engine build. Those skills take dedication and years of experience to do right. But once again, boiled way down – take it apart and put it back together.

So, now that I’ve reduced our shop to a jigsaw puzzle during a power outage. What’s not as easy as black and white? Color choices. Making decisions on color can be a mind melt. This is a vehicle you are going to spend tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours completing. Depending on your stage in life, it will live with you or possibly with your off spring for decades. When you relinquish your roll as steward, another collector will hopefully carry a passionate torch towards preservation. Chances are it will not see another restoration for generations. So how do you pick a color? You might consider:
– Originality
– Period correctness
– Favorites
– Rarity
– Works for the car
Ultimately, there is no right answer. The right color works for you. Our client chose this brilliant and fairly rare Giallo Orchre. It feels quintessentially Italian of the era and invites you in for a closer look. And if someone doesn’t like it down the line… they can always repaint it.

Photos below: before laying down color we did a very selective, high end undercoating on areas we felt would get rock chips. This way the client gets a little extra protection while still maintaining a factory look.

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