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Why Get a 4×4 When 2WD Will Do?

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Don and I drove to Indiana a couple years ago to pick up a really clean ’77 Chevy K5. I think it was originally from Texas. It also happens to be two wheel drive. The previous owner planned to slam it with dubs before rolling off into the sunset. Apparently, you can get a 2WD to sit lower than a 4WD. Aside from sitting on it, the question I maintain is why do people feel they need 4×4? The classic debate I have with myself: why do we have all these 4×4 SUVs when wagons or 2WD will do. But please, not front wheel drive.

Have you ever watched old car videos from the 1910’s or 20’s bouncing uncontrollably over arm-deep ruts in the road? People explored the wilderness, beaches and untamed lands in rear-wheel-drive cars all the time. Did they get stuck? Sure sometimes. But for the most part they made it. If you are looking to traverse the Yukon with a K5, then 2WD might not be for you. But the person that buys our modern Blazer interpretation/restoration will probably never drive off pavement. Snow? I don’t think so. Rain? As if. Maybe if they are caught in it.

Today’s snow and rain tires make short work of almost all conditions mother nature throws at us. It’s quite the science. But we are not going to plan for the mother of all nature in this K5. The wheel and tire package hasn’t been sorted. But you can bet that when it’s all said and done, there will be less weight from a diff and axles up front and more power to the rear to steer, when you click it in gear.

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