Restoration Shop Founded in 2019 by Don Darnell and Paul Grusche.

Like many of us, Don and Paul ( found it easy to buy projects for their home garage. But they wanted to do more. They wanted dedicated space to do complete deep dive, rotisserie restorations before moving them on to their next steward. With that in mind, they bought an automotive restoration shop in Jackson, Michigan about 25 minutes from their home down of Dexter.

It’s adorned with a down draft paint booth, upholstery shop and mechanical room for them to get down on it, get down on it. Get your back up off the wall. Unfortunately, fixing the shop was their first priority. Whew, what a train wreck. The building needed just about everything from windows, to plumbing and electrical, to a new roof. Now with that heavy lifting in the rear view, they have begun taking projects from home garage to Superfly’s.

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