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Box of Matches

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I’ve been collecting Matchbox cars lately. It’s easier and cheaper than buying the real thing. I can carry them in my pocket, park them on my desk and make vroom vroom noises when I push them about. What? It happens. I seek out models on eBay that are not unopened plastic so I can stage them without “ruining” original packaging. Otherwise, you have to hang them to display and I’d rather hug and pet them.

I’ve found that I get a warm fuzzy when I stare at a little miniature match of the car I own. Usually, I have to step into the garage or driveway to admire my dinosaur fueled art relics. Ah, how they bring me joy. But now, I can go into my basement in my slippers and do the same.

There are some Matchbox cars in my collection that I’ve kept since I was a kid. The gold Porsche 928 is an example. The others I buy because I’ve owned or want to them. With that in mind, I like the toys that model production vehicles and never really got into Hot Wheels with all their big engines, flashy colors and crazy designs even as a kid. I understand now why people build car dioramas or have display cases. I’m not sure I’ll go there as I’m content with mine on a shelf and out of a box.

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