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Blank Slate, Now What?

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When I was a kid, I had a note book. I still have said notebook because I’m “that guy” who saves memorabilia. Not in a hoarding way, just in a “it’ll be fun to look at later” kinda way. This notebook is filled with rudimentary drawings of cars, trucks and ATVs. My friend Durb, Chris Durbin, and I would draw for hours trying to one-up each other with the next profile-in-2D masterpiece.

Now that I’m all grow’d up, we have real canvases of sheet metal for design like one of my past or in waiting projects, Don’s ’71 Alfa GTV pictured below or one of our client’s cars. Regardless of who’s project, it’s always an entertaining collaboration. We all have a vision, or know what we like when we see it, through models, photos or drawings. But we’re finding the biggest hurdle, is not a room full of ideas but a way to display/present them.

I know how to use some design programs (I did our logo, website and clothing line) but don’t have Photoshop skills to edit automotive photos despite three years at eVox Images. I was in marketing and sales, not creative/production. And as you can see from the drawings, I’m no Chip Foose. So how do you take ideas for paint, stripes, color, wheels and interiors from brain-to-bingo bro? Beer. That and our next move, construction paper and possibly vinyl wrap on other cars. Maybe I will dust off the notebook as well.

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