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Are You Kidding Me With These Seals?

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Putting in the windshield wasn’t too difficult as we’ve done a fair amount of glass work. Do you prefer the word “windshield” or “windscreen”? We had that debate today at the shop as we chatted over the installation. I love using some English words like: door cards, spanners and bonnet but windscreen hasn’t really caught on with me. I blame Wheeler Dealers for my slip into an air of arrogance over British car vocabulary. It’s not very proper of me and I apologise.

The rear Targa glass was a slightly more bloody affair. The seal was a bugger to get positioned on the glass. We used heat and tape, without acting off the trolley, before leaving it overnight to help it stretch and keep shape. It only took a couple hours today to place the screen on the car. Not bad for a few wankers who had never had a go of it before. After all, we are used to coupés. If I had a few quid, I’d bet these blokes could get it done much quicker next time and be chuffed about it. Cheers.

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