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Happy New Year!

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Since it’s not 2022 yet, this little 1970 Honda N600 custom is going to have to ring in the new year for us. New for 2021! I really like where Hot Wheels is going with some of their models. I’ve never but much for the over the top customized metallic green, engine bulging out of the hood, big silly wheeled Hot Wheels. Call me old fashioned. “You’re old fashioned!” Thanks. Call me a lover of classics. “You’re a lover…” Got it, say no more. “No more!” Eeessh.

As I was saying, Hot Wheels and Matchbox have been turning out some old classics and I like it. Now when I’m in Target or Meijer, I take a gander when my son sprints over to check out Nerf guns. Good thing I have a son. ‘Cause if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be caught dead looking at toy cars in the kiddie section of a box store. And if by chance, I wonder over there and someone makes eye contact with me, the redirect is simple. I just calmly but firmly say, “it’s for my kid’s birthday OK? Got a problem with that? Can’t a person shop for cool little cars without being judged all the time?” Problem solved. Feel free to use that and please have a great 2022!

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