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Merry Christmas!

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Every year we take a toy car, where did we get the name “toy” for a car? They are far from being toys when it comes time to work on them. Try to find then tear down an engine to fix an oil leak. Are you toying with it at that point? It’s probably toying with you. What kid’s toy compares to that procedure? Oh, I get it. You take this plaything for a drive and toy around in it. Maybe hit the track for a race day or go on a fall color tour. You don’t do that in your A to B transportation so I guess “toy car” works most of the time.

Regardless, toy is a coincidental adjective for a car around the holidays. If you celebrate Christmas, as I do for the presents, taking a car less traveled really emboldens the nature of cutting down a tree to bring it home for lights and ornaments. Disclaimer – We go to a completely sustainable tree farm and then compost the tree in our yard. So as mentioned earlier, it’s fun to take a toy car for this occasion. This year it is my 2001 Audi S8 with 265,000 miles on it. Bah humbug, you want to talk about not toying around with the maintenance on this car. Ok enough of that. Merry Christmas!

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