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When You Didn’t Plan to Make Things Difficult

We had a unit heater that was dangling precariously from the ceiling when we moved in. On top of that, the roof leaked around the exhaust down into the drywall. Junks of the ceiling started falling off and it felt like a stiff wind could bring down the entire operation. So we built a new bracket, anchored it to the wall and went to put the heater back up.

We borrowed a jack thing from our neighbor. Halfway through the lift, we realized we needed to go over the garage door rail. That might seem obvious to you but, yeah, it wasn’t to us. We sweated the lift, if we had enough clearance from the ceiling, and while the entire contraption swayed 10 feet above our heads, who it would fall on first. Long story short, we slid it over the rail and onto our shelf. It got hooked up yesterday. Job done.

We also had new garage doors put it (trim not finished yet). They are well insulated and have windows to add a little natural light. The boarded up area is a new door cut to manage flow from one work space to the next. We struggled for a couple years how to actually fix the flow because we didn’t want to give up wall space. In the end, this solution fit best and doesn’t compromise the shop much.

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