Fit This

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When we put this hood on the truck, it made its presence known. Huge. It felt three feet taller. After weeks of staring at an open engine bay, you’d think the hood wouldn’t have such an impact. But it does. It’s big, round and tall. One could probably forget their beer on top of the engine and still close the hood with no problem. We don’t recommend it though because when you find it the next day, it’ll be warm and flat. Then you’ll be all upset that you forgot your beer.

You might blame yourself or your buddy who distracted you when he said “close the hood, let’s see how it looks.” And you’re all like, “yeah, after all that fiddling to make it shut decent, I wanna see the complete picture.” Then as you both kick back to admire your work, you can’t find your beer. Best to grab another than continue looking. A half hour later, it’s time to punch the clock so you go home. The next day you arrive at work to start fine tuning shut lines on a 70 year old truck. Pop the hood and surprise! The forgotten beer. Problem solved. Feelin’ good that you’re not losing your mind, you have a great day at work and look forward to another beer real soon.

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