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Why Not Make it Yours?

It feels like 15-20 years ago when a gorgeously restored Porsche 356 went across the block for about $125K (as I remember it) with a non-matching motor. That was all the money. The car collecting community was stunned. Numbers matching cars are trading for this, how could a non-numbers matching fetch the goods?! It proved that collectors are willing to overlook numbers, a color change and even resto-mod restorations when the car is done right. They’ll pay up for high end work.

Does that mean a non-matching motor in a Vette, Porsche or Lancia will be worth more than the same with a matching motor? Not necessarily. There are so many variables. So let’s just say ” it’s only original once” wins the day and everything else is subjective. If we can agree on that, why not just make the car yours?

Which brings us to our newest client with a 1978 Porsche 911SC Targa. We’ll be doing a color change from black to Fern Green L273. He loves the color, which was offered that year on the 911, and wants his car to look the way he’ll enjoy it most. And at the end of the day, we want that for him too. We look forward to bringing his vision to life.

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