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Fall into Fall

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A time for bonfires, color tours and sweatshirts. But around here in Michigan, the rust belt capital of the Midwest… did you know Detroit is built on top of a salt mine? I mean a salt mine. Talk about the worst thing for roads and cars. It’s really a conspiracy by the Big Three to destroy cars over time by salting our roads so you have to buy new ones. It is, I swear. But I digress. With all the lovely things fall brings, it does bring a shut down to the toy-car driving season.

The last Ann Arbor Cars and Coffee was over the weekend. It rained that morning but was dry and cool come display time. Many of those owners only insure their cars for six months out of the year, so they end up storing them during the winter crunch. I’m a little different. With Hagerty insurance, it doesn’t cost much more to keep my cars insured year round. If we get nice weather or a rain to wash salt off the roads, I’m out there the next day even in mid-January. I’ve tried really hard to “sacrifice” an old classic for all around winter driving but I’m too much of a p—-. A pecan. I’m nuts for saving cars not destroying them.

So when fall comes, it’s a little bit of a let down, a fall if you will. But I’ve lived on the other side. 16 years in Southern California where the seasons hardly change and it’s sunny all year long, like in Philadelphia. You know what? I’ll take it here over there most days.

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