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Superfly Garage Gear

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Many custom shops will sell gear to support their brand. And we want to be like all the other shops out there so we are doing it too. Kidding. We do want to have hats and t-shirts for us and our clients. It feels good to wear the company logo you helped create. But my love in designing logos, building our brand and Shop runs a little deeper. While at Kia Motors, I introduced and ran their Kia Stuff program for the dealer body. This was an extensive catalog of not only clothing but car models, travel clocks, CD cases, bags, pens, basically anything the dealers could use for employee incentives or to say thank you to customers. It’s those little extras that can go a long way in building dealer relationships. The program was really successful and I even used Kia employees in the catalog shoots to bring more synergy between Kia corporate and the dealers.

In researching and building the Superfly Garage store, I landed on using a print-on-demand supplier This means when someone orders a hat for example, it is embroidered then shipped from the supplier’s stock, not ours. Therefore, we don’t have to carry inventory (which can get really expensive) but also we keep our time focused on cars, not packaging and shipping. The downside is that “one-off” orders are not bulk rate cheap and take a little longer, about two weeks, to make and ship. But the upside is that I can create different styles or make custom creations anytime from my couch before bedtime. After all, it only lives on the inter-web until an order is placed. Maybe we you see some of my creations, you’ll think that’s where they should stay. But hey, I’m trying.

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