The Venue or the Cars?

It occurred to me after talking with a friend about Luftgekühlt, or Luft 7 as it’s known this year, that he was describing the venue as amp’d up as the cars displayed there. This year’s event is set at the Bottleworks District in Indianapolis, Indiana. Last year it was held on the Universal Studio Backlot and was described as the most ambitious car show in the world by Road & Track. Guess I missed that one. But that aside, I had a think on the couch tonight and considered, is it the venue that makes the cars or the cars that make the venue? Spoiler it’s the cars.

Look. I’m struggling with this one. I know that a well done venue can invite and attract the best caliber cars from around the world. Some the likes you’ll never seen in person again. It’s this exclusivity the event earns in part because of the venue. But as cars and coffee has shown us, some of the most exclusive owners like to bump door handles with a cup of joe over a glass of champagne. So as much as I appreciate the gorgeous lawns of Pebble Beach, auto show circuits, museums and a relatively new and unique venue like M1 Concourse, I think many people would agree, a parking lot and good peeps is sometimes all you need.

Luft 6 photos from Google plus some original cars and coffee I attended at Crystal Cove then moved to Irvine.

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