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Know When to Say When

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Don bought this 1978 Fiat 124 for 100 smackaroonies. It had been sitting for 25 years and was complete. I think my exact words when he texted photos and the price were “Love it!” Problem is, I don’t really love it. Like Don, I love the idea of it. A barn fresh Italian car styled by Pinifarina from the ’70s. The 124 had a great run from 1966 to 1982. Heck, they even remade a modern version of it on top of a Miata that I like. Problem is, good running examples of the old cars can be had for $4-5K. Getting this one back on the road will cost you all of that and then some with paint and interior. So despite it being quite solid, from what I was able to see topside, it’s really just a parts car (no title) or beat up runner if you get it together. Anybody want a 1978 Fiat?

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