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What’s in a Color?

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Everything, I think. Unless you’re a dog. So many of us spend inordinate amounts time scrutinizing colors: pairing shirt with trousers, dress with shoes, carpet matching the drapes. What? But when it comes to an auto restoration your color choice will live on for decades, unlike your pants you toss when they don’t fit. And as more restorations become rolling artwork vs. daily drivers, color choice is more important than picking paint for your house.

But what about something you rarely see? Like the engine. When properly restored it is as glorious as the exterior. In a Chevy Blazer one might agree it was utilitarian and not meant for display. But today’s restorations leave no nut unturned. No bolt untwisted! No case uncracked! No fluid unchanged! Ok, enough already. Our 354 was shot this beautiful slate blue the other day. It will get mated to intakes, valve covers and manifolds that have also been given special treatment. This engine color compliments our Grecian Bronze so well, we can’t wait to get it into the engine bay. Leave the hood up.

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