The Dream Stream

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Wally Byam, built the world’s first Airstream travel trailer in 1929 and founded the company we now know as Airstream in 1931. If you’ve never read the start up story, it’s a good one found here. The basic idea came from a love for camping, and no surprise, a wife that didn’t like sleeping in a tent on dirt. I’ve got one of those at home too. Although, I will admit I don’t like camping on the ground either and prefer a blow up mattress. My wife finds solace in a clamping expedition with readily available toilet and a room size tent with real lights. I can’t blame her but my adventure spirit to pee in the woods runs deeper than hers.

But wait! Bring in the dream stream and we’d be ready to hook and cook. There is something about polished round aluminum that is both alluring and inviting. Plus it has doors and windows. The one pictured her needs a few finishing touches, think everything. But it is a shorty which seems to be the popular size and easy to tow. Unfortunately, if we were to finish this one it would become less artist canvas as the painting will get covered up. It’s too bad because someone’s dream of “Vicecream” came alive inside and I kinda dig it.

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