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Nip and Tuck with Some Luck

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It’s not really a question of luck but there are only so many words that rhyme with tuck. For example, buck, truck, chuck and duck as in “hey, did somebody sit on a duck?” If you thought I was going to say another word, get your mind out of the gut-ter.

This is our latest project, a 1984 Porsche 928S. It was repainted black but our plan is to return it to the shade of silver we discovered tucked under some panels with original red interior. It’s surprisingly straight and rust free but has higher mileage at about 150K miles. We call that, well loved.

As you may know if you follow 928s, they have very durable engines that are know to travel 300,000 miles or more without leaving you stuck. We’ll compression test the engine to see what we have plus perform all the usual maintenance: timing belt, water pump, fluids, etc. We will run a muck on this nine two eight so rest assured, it won’t suck.

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