We’ve got several cars in the works and more on deck. Alister “Al” Gibbons is our resident metal man and painter. He comes to us with years of experience, which has proven-out as he cuts and welds patch panels to save cars from a life of bondo and rust, before he lays down the paint with hardly a flaw to be found. For more about our process please contact us.

Below are a few photos. As we get closer to finishing, we will do full photo shoots and post them on this site.

This 1981 Porsche 936 Junior No. 174 was refreshed after almost 15 years in storage. Items like missing fins on the wheels were 3D printed to complete the appearance.
1971 Alfa Romeo GTV
This GTV has had metal work completed as of August 2020 and is solid.
1971 Alfa Romeo GTV is getting the finishing touches on it as of August 2020. Full glass out repaint, suspension, brakes and interior refreshed.